Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alec's Rock Mitzvah

Every once in awhile you meet a kid who seems wiser than his years. Such was our experience when we met Alec. He was bright, funny, creative, and he knew what he wanted as his Bar Mitzvah party theme: Music. Rock music, specifically. We set out to make his Rock-Mitzvah dreams come true and it was quite Rock-a-licious with these ultra cool, custom made and painted electric guitar centerpieces...


Alec's Bar Mitzvah 040


We dressed the adult cocktail tables in the same electric blue satin linens and placed a simple Phaleonopsis Orchid on each table. Orchids are such a versatile flower and never seem to come off too "girly".

Alec's Bar Mitzvah 043

Alec and his family treated their guests to a special favor: A CD of Alec's playlist- inspired by all of his classic rock favorites.

Alec's Bar Mitzvah 049

Even the guest seating cards carried the theme. For the adults, concert-style tickets had their name and seating assignment while the kids received "VIP back stage passes" to direct them to their seats.

Alec's Bar Mitzvah 032

Alec's Bar Mitzvah 004

A truly great party always contains a few ideas that come directly from the family. Alec's Mom, Debbie, and the very talented (and sweet) photographer, Leslie Talley put together one of the most beautiful "sign in" books we have ever seen. It was sleek, classy, and sentimental, adding an extra special memento that Alec will be able to look back on for years to come.

Alec's Bar Mitzvah 048

Alec's Bar Mitzvah 047

Our crafty side gets to play every time we do a gift box for a family. A simple wrapped box keeps the Bar Mitzvah's gift cards safe, and in one place until the end of the night.  We like how this one turned out:

Alec's Bar Mitzvah 046

Alec's Bar Mitzvah party was a magical event and we feel so honored that he and his family trusted us with their party vision. It was a fabulous collaboration and we couldn't have been happier for Alec and his family.

Alec's Bar Mitzvah 026

Congratulations Alec!!!