Saturday, December 1, 2012

Your Chic Holiday Table

We are excited to announce a special promotion we are doing, called "Your Chic Table". We have created four stunning floral arrangements and tablescapes to help make your holiday table not only CHIC but EASY! We have created two styles for those who celebrate Christmas and two styles for those who celebrate Hanukkah. Take a look to see which might suit your holiday gathering best!

Your "Glam" Table:

Glam Christmas arrangement

Glam Hanukkah arrangement


Three dozen roses combined with greens and accent flowers are set in a dazzling mirrored and rhinestoned box. The effect is gorgeous! Each Glam Table package comes complete with a 4' mirror to reflect the flowers and candles, an ivory damask table runner (in your choice of  9' or 11' lengths) and nine different coordinated candles.


Your Chic Table Collage1

Each Glam package contains three small, rhinestone accented votive candles, three taller (6") rhinestone accented votive candles, and three glass taper candle holders (white taper candles included!)


Your Chic Table Collage2

Your Glam Table Package comes complete with:
*Floral arrangement in rhinestone mirror box
*4' mirror
*9' or 11' fabric runner in Ivory damask (Your choice dependent on your table size)
*3 short votive candles
*3 tall votive candles
*3 glass taper candle holders
* 3 white taper candles
Full package price just $210.00!!

Don't need the full package? Our Glam accessories can be purchase a la carte also:

Your Glam Christmas Flower Arrangement: $100.00
9' or 11' Ivory Damask Table Runner:  $50.00
4' Mirror base: $30.00
Candles: $5.00 each

**A la carte items must include the floral arrangement. No candles or mirrors will be sold separately.
** None of the items are rentals. Everything is yours to keep!

Thinking about something a little more rustic for your table? Check out:

Your "Organic" Table:

Organic Christmas arrangement


Organic Hanukkah arrangement


A rustic wood box spilling over with roses, greens, pine, and succulents creates a warm and beautiful arrangement! Each Organic Table package comes complete with an ivory damask table runner (in your choice of  9' or 11' lengths) and five glass taper candleholders with white candles.


Your Organic Table Package comes complete with:
*Floral arrangement in wooden box
*9' or 11' fabric runner in Ivory damask (Your choice, dependent on your table size)
*5 glass taper candle holders
*5 white taper candles
Full package price just $165.00!!

Don't need the full package? Our Organic accessories can be purchase a la carte also:

Your Organic Flower Arrangement: $100.00
9' or 11' Ivory Damask Table Runner:  $50.00
Candles: $5.00 each

**A la carte items must include the floral arrangement. No candles or runners will be sold separately.
** None of the items are rentals. Everything is yours to keep!


Love our napkin rings and plate chargers? They are available as an extra addition. Napkin rings available in gold, silver or bronze just $4.00 each, or with rhinestone accent at $4.50 each. Plate chargers are available in gold or silver for just $6.00 each!

Call or email us today to order Your Chic Table at 818-256-6848 or We are currently only able to service the Los Angeles area. Delivery or Pick up options for Christmas and Hanukkah available!

Monday, November 5, 2012

"Girly Chic" Supper Club

Supper Club 33

When long time friend and fabulous party hostess, Carrie approached us about doing a Supper Club for a small group of girlfriends, we were thrilled. Carrie had designed an invitation, handed it over and said, "Go!" We drew our inspiration from the color palette- Fuscia, orange, black and white and then threw in "girly" but kept it simple for our modern-minded hostess. 

Guests were greeted at the door with a comfy pair of flip flops to slip into...



The weather cooperated perfectly and simple market lights, pink gelled washes for the walls and candles created a warm and inviting ambiance.


White couches, pillows in pink and orange and accessories in sparkling black really said "Girly", but it wasn't over the, really "Girly Chic" (our hostess' "theme" idea) is probably the right description.



We created simple arrangements of roses with an assymetrical burst of cymbidium orchids to keep the look clean and unique.

This ladies Supper Club has been a yearly tradition for Carrie and some of her friends, and each year a wine tasting element is incorporated into the evening. This year, we designed simple wine charms, wine bottle numbers (so the wines could be voted on later), Wine pairing tags (for those that brought a food and wine pairing), and ballots to vote with at the end of the night.

Supper Club 3 Collage3

Supper Club 3 Collage2

Supper Club 3 Collage1

A beautiful evening was had by all. We were thrilled with the response from all of the guests...and heard things like, "This doesn't even look like your backyard", which means the transformation was a success!


Cheers to the ladies of the 3rd annual Supper Club, and thanks to Carrie for always giving us such great inspiration to run with!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Fundraising Magic

I'm not sure that anything can beat the backdrop of a day with perfect weather, except the combination of gorgeous weather, beautifully designed ambiance, and good friends and family all mixed together. All of this made for Fundraising magic this weekend! When we put together that the cause was for The USC Norris Cancer Center for Urology and would include wine tasting, we wanted something rich and masculine. When we found this quote, we knew we had the "theme" to pull it all together.


Our palette of dark grays, rich browns, and accents of red and aubergine made for a gorgeous combination. We had our own linens made out of gray tweeds and men's suit fabrics. To give a tailored look we tied the tall cocktail tables with an Aubergine leather belt. Literally bringing fashion to the table! Wine bottles were re-purposed to be candle holders and as evening fell, the candle light gave a beautiful glow.

'USC Norris Fundraiser1


Small bouquets of red roses were punctuated with small paper flowers made from recycled book paper. It was an unexpected, but unique look!



USC Norris Fundraiser2



We created cohesion with the paper flowers by creating a dramatic piece designed for the appetizer station- a cluster of wine bottles which held bouquets of willow branches and paper flowers...

USC Norris Fundraiser3



Guests enjoyed a selection of wines, explained by the sommeliers from Total Wine and More. We couldn't go without mentioning the wine store, because the customer service was sheer perfection!!


An array of exciting items were presented for a silent auction inside the house and around the grounds...

USC Norris Fundraiser4





It was a spectacular event that raised a lot of money for a great cause. For us, it felt great to have an opportunity to do whatever we wanted, design-wise. We considered the event, the focus, and the client and came up with something that was received so nicely and looked so beautiful. We wish the Doctors at USC Norris continued success in their research and treatment programs and give an extra special thank you to the guests who made this event such a success!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Team Inspiration

We've been approached about a variety of Bar Mitzvah themes, although one that we were recently approached about, was completely foreign to us, but brought on an exciting challenge! Our clients are HUGE Manchester United fans. (It's a soccer team for those of you who might not be familiar with the reference...) They wanted a fun, cool Bar Mitzvah party theme that incorporated their love of Manchester United, while still making it all about their son, Joshua.

Raikin Collage

The centerpieces were replicas of the team jersey...using all of Joshua's favorite players and numbers- of course! The centerpiece additionally took on the role of "Table Name", and the guests were excited to find out whose jersey they were seated at? Rooney? De Gea??


We drew inspiration from the team colors- red, black and gold and created a  beautiful ambiance! Joshua didn't want to assign seating to his friends, so we created a kids' section with simpler centerpieces and named all of the tables after the team mascot name: The Red Devils.  For a bunch of energetic teens, could the name have been more perfect??

Raikin Collage3

For the name cards, we were inspired by the home field for Manchester United, Old Trafford Stadium. The stadium seats in Old Trafford, spell out "Manchester United" when no fans are seated in them. So, we created our own "stadium" of name cards, spelling out what everyone was there for: Joshua's Bar Mitzvah! We coordinated the graphics for the talented Leslie Talley (Photography), who put together a stunning keepsake of a sign-in board.

Raikin Collage4

What a beautiful night and fun party for Joshua and his family! We feel so lucky when we get opportunities to design something completely unique for a client, as we did for this warm and friendly family. A special thanks to Leslie Talley for providing us with some beautiful photographs from the evening!

Mazel Tov Joshua!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taking the "Theme" out of Theme Party

Clients contact us frequently with theme ideas for their kids parties, and while we LOVE a good theme, when it comes to popular television or movie characters, themes get almost too....well, theme-y.

 My approach to a theme party- especially those that involve Disney or other popular movie characters- is to try to break down what the movie is all about and only add back in a few copyrighted character items (So the kids still feel like they are getting their favorite characters.)

In this party, the client wanted an Ice Age theme. In June. At the beach. Hmmmm... Sometimes our most creative ideas come from the seemingly impossible. We started with an ice inspired palette of white, crisp blues and accents of lime green.

  Ice Age Party 006

Ice Age Collage1

We dressed the table with that freaky fake snow, some super creative centerpieces and then some Ice Age themed plates from a local party store. *Tip: Try to choose only one item to work in your characters. Choosing either the plates or the cups will give you the effect you want without becoming too over the top.

For the centerpieces, we bought stuffed Ice Age character toys, filled a square glass vase with water, submerged the toy and FROZE it.  It looked like a solid block of ice with the character frozen into it- just like how the characters are in the movie!! Adorable and a conversation starter to boot!

Ice Age Party 002

Ice Age Collage2

We grabbed a few acorns from a neighbor's driveway, since the main character is a squirrel, and peppered the table with them.

Ice Age Party 004

Ice Age Party 008

The big budget item was...real snow! The snow was piped in to make a great sledding area for the kids.  This isn't an element that most people can afford to have at their child's birthday party, but if you do- what a WOW factor! The kids (and adults) had a blast!

Ice Age Party 010

So, the next time you're throwing a birthday party and your child suggests one of his or her favorite TV or movie characters as a theme, try taking the "theme" out of theme and using those party store goods minimally. Your imagination and some elements that simply "suggest" at the theme are the way to give your party a polished look that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!