Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taking the "Theme" out of Theme Party

Clients contact us frequently with theme ideas for their kids parties, and while we LOVE a good theme, when it comes to popular television or movie characters, themes get almost too....well, theme-y.

 My approach to a theme party- especially those that involve Disney or other popular movie characters- is to try to break down what the movie is all about and only add back in a few copyrighted character items (So the kids still feel like they are getting their favorite characters.)

In this party, the client wanted an Ice Age theme. In June. At the beach. Hmmmm... Sometimes our most creative ideas come from the seemingly impossible. We started with an ice inspired palette of white, crisp blues and accents of lime green.

  Ice Age Party 006

Ice Age Collage1

We dressed the table with that freaky fake snow, some super creative centerpieces and then some Ice Age themed plates from a local party store. *Tip: Try to choose only one item to work in your characters. Choosing either the plates or the cups will give you the effect you want without becoming too over the top.

For the centerpieces, we bought stuffed Ice Age character toys, filled a square glass vase with water, submerged the toy and FROZE it.  It looked like a solid block of ice with the character frozen into it- just like how the characters are in the movie!! Adorable and a conversation starter to boot!

Ice Age Party 002

Ice Age Collage2

We grabbed a few acorns from a neighbor's driveway, since the main character is a squirrel, and peppered the table with them.

Ice Age Party 004

Ice Age Party 008

The big budget item was...real snow! The snow was piped in to make a great sledding area for the kids.  This isn't an element that most people can afford to have at their child's birthday party, but if you do- what a WOW factor! The kids (and adults) had a blast!

Ice Age Party 010

So, the next time you're throwing a birthday party and your child suggests one of his or her favorite TV or movie characters as a theme, try taking the "theme" out of theme and using those party store goods minimally. Your imagination and some elements that simply "suggest" at the theme are the way to give your party a polished look that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

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